Practice Areas

Matt handles all types of civil litigation disputes including contract disputes, elder abuse, personal injury, business and partnership disputes, and landlord – tenant disputes representing landlords.

  • Contract Disputes
    Matt represents a variety of clients in contract dispute matters including contracts for services, land sale contracts, and construction contracts.  If you have entered into a contract and need to know your rights or if you believe someone has breached a contract, please contact Matt.  Matt has represented clients both in the prosecution of contracts and in defense of claims for breach of contract.
  • Elder Abuse
    Elder Abuse has become a prominent area of litigation practice over the last 10 years.  With the passage of elder abuse laws (ORS 124.100 et seq.) the possible imposition of treble damages and an award of reasonable attorney fees is meant to deter both physical and financial elder abuse.  Matt has handled several elder abuse cases and continues to actively pursue the rights of the elderly to be fairly treated in business and financial matters.
  • Personal Injury
    Have you been injured? Did someone else cause those injuries? If you answered yes to both those questions, you may have a claim against that other party or their insurance carrier. Please contact me immediately. Your rights to recovery may be severely affected by the passage of time. If you want to know your legal rights to recovery, please do not hesitate to call Matt Mohill. A lawyer is your best bet in maximizing your recovery.
  • Landlord / Tenant Disputes
    Matt has represented both tenants and landlords in disputes about payment of rent, uninhabitable residence, and breaches of contract.   Matt primarily represents landlords in actions against or by their tenants.

Matt handles both dissolution and custody matters, as well as restraining and stalking orders.

  • Dissolution (Divorce) and Custody Matters
    Matt firmly believes that children are the single most important aspect of divorce and custody matters.  Throughout his six years of family law litigation, Matt has observed that the Court’s sole focus, when children are involved, is how the parents intend to ensure their child’s safety and happiness after the divorce.  Divorces are not fun.  The cases can be time consuming and full of emotion.  Matt’s job is to ensure that you are fully informed of all the legal facts throughout the process and to prepare you for the future.  Matt will fight for every right you are entitled to with the full understanding that the case need not drag on for a long time.
  • FAPA Restraining Orders and Stalking Orders
    Within family law situations, there are unfortunately some unsafe situations including allegations of abuse.  These situations need to be either prosecuted or defended.  Matt has handled both sides of these situations and understands the legalities of obtaining and or defending these stressful situations.   There are slight differences between Stalking Orders and restraining orders.  Matt is prepared to advise you of the correct course of action to avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Matt defends a wide variety of misdemeanor criminal actions including Driving Under the Influence (DUII), Possession of Controlled Substances (PCS), Delivery of a Controlled Substance (DCS), Trespass, Endangering the welfare of a minor and many others.  Matt can also help you expunge any of your previous criminal convictions.

  •  DUII.  Matt has handled cases for those who get their first DUII to those who have gotten three or more DUIIs.   There are complicated scenarios for each case and understanding the constitutional rights that each person has in their situation is critical to the defense of the action.  ORS 813 is the DUII and Diversion Statute that determines the rights of those charged.
  • PCS and DCS cases are primarily fact based cases.  Matt is prepared to defend your actions and the actions of others when charged.